About Shaizy


“Once upon a time. . . from the land of love, beauty and magic,

came a wandering pair of shoes.”

Shaizy is a Sydney based shoe designer who designs eclectic shoes inspired from different countries around the world or brings to you hidden gems handmade by local shoe artists. These shoes were worn by locals, emperors or royals for over 1,000+ years, preserving the heritage and craftsmanship of handmade shoes from around the world. 

A Shaizy woman travels the world with  beautiful shoes, creates her own lush and serendipitous wonderland. She stops for a moment and feels the beauty infront because she knows the magic that a comfortable pair of shoes can bring to her.

Her passion has led her to appraise each shoe style, constantly finding ways to improve it for the highest comfort, whilst remaining true to the magical design. Every shoe is designed, handcrafted and beautifully packaged from her to you.

 Made with passion, purpose and love.



Who is SY?

The SY woman burns convention. She is not a sheep and is not afraid to show the world who she is – a strong woman. If she likes something she’ll get it if she wants it, she’ll have it.

Confident and stylish, she creates her own trends. Carefree and comfortable in her own skin, she walks with absolute grace. People notice her, her free soul; they are unable to touch her. This is what makes her beautiful. That is why they all are so attracted to her.

She touches hearts, without even moving her finger and thats how she makes a difference in this world: by being herself.